Tuesday, June 30, 2009

I Love Tahiti...

I realize that Norm and I have been back from our vacation for over a week and I have yet to post about our trip. Yes, we did actually go on a trip to Tahiti ( I have over 400 pics on my camera to prove it:) but between getting unpacked and everything else I am just now getting around to this post. Anyway, here are some of the top reasons why I love Tahiti...
  1. The Beach--I have to admit, I love the beach. And although I am not a fan of getting sand EVERYWHERE, one of my favorite things to do in Tahiti is to go to the beach. Here is a photo of us a "PK18", our usual beach hangout. Kobe and Tehani had a ball using their goggles to check out all of the underwater fishes and coral. And I did my best (though I don't know that I really succeeded) at trying to get a tan. But even if I am still white, I had fun none the less!
  2. My Grand Parents House--I spent almost every summer when I was growing up in Tahiti at my grandparents house, so this place really is like a second home to me. It was my first time coming back since my grandmother passed away last year so I was crying like a baby when we got there (I'm sure my Grandpa was thinking "Why are you crying--I'm not dead yet?") Anyway, there's a Tahitian old wives tale that you are supposed to bury your kids belly buttons in the ground--so they will always return to their homeland. Here's a pic of my grandparents patio where my belly button is buried:) I like to think that's part of the reason I go back so much--I am inexplicable drawn there!

  3. Our Family--This is the only time that we get to see our cousins in Tahiti--and now that we are grown, it's fun letting our kids play together when they can. And although Kobe often requests to have a "translator" when trying to talk with other kids, Tehani just jumps right in and talks...really...slowly. AND...LOUDLY...(as if that will magically make her french speaking cousins understand her :) Here is a photo of Tehani playing with her cousin Rarahou. It's funny because I had asked Rarahou to write the numbers on the chalkboard in French so that Tehani could practice. Not exactly what I had in mind (but I guess that is my own fault for not being specific enough with the 8 year olds :)
  4. The Market--My grandparents are just a few blocks away from the big open-air market in downtown Papeete. So when you need veggies, fish (or anything else for that matter) you don't head on down to the WalMart--it's off to the market for some locally grown whatever. Norm's favorite thing to do each morning was to head over there to buy fresh poison cru--Tahitian raw fish--and a Fanta (apparently THIS is the breakfast of champions!)
  5. The Roulots--In case you haven't had enough food with your morning trip to the market, you can fill up at night as well down at the warf. These little "rolling" restraunts come out at night and you can have your choice of chinese, tahitian, waffles (dont' ask) and anything else that you can think of. Here is a photo of the one night that we went with my cousin Tuamtahi and the rest of the fam. Yum!Well, that is it for now. I have so much more to post about but I don't know where to start. I promise to get caught up (the kids are coming back soon from Tahiti so I better get caught up)

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Cassie Jensen said...

When Larry and I finally get to Tahiti- I am calling you! Looks like you had fun, as always. I can't imagine there is anything that you wouldn't like about that tropical paradise. Still one of the top must-see's for me! Happy summer!