Saturday, July 26, 2008

Happy Pioneer Day

I'm all for any holiday that gets me a day off of work!! Anyway, I started the day by hiking to Timp Cave with Simone. She's been bugging me for awhile to do this with her and since I've never been up there before I didn't really know what all the fuss was about...well, now I know. I figured it would be the same as going up the trail at the mouth of Provo Canyon but boy was I wrong. It was definitely a good work out!! I really expected to be sore the next day (and maybe have to call in to work sick?) but no such luck.

I guess that was a good thing though since I ended up getting some tickets at work on Friday for Norm and I to go to the Pioneer Day Commemoration Concert at the Conference Center--starring the Osmonds! Now, I've never really big that big of a fan (they are more from my husband's time period) but it was a fun show and it was the first time either of us have gone to an event at the Conference Center. A good date night.

On Saturday, I went to a BBQ at the Johnson's, our old neighbors. I'm glad we still get to see each other even though they moved away (ALL the way to Springville!) When I was talking to Kobe in Chicago the other day he sounded a little down and I was thinking that maybe he was home sick. Nope, he told me that he missed his friends, Gavin and Gunner Johnson! Go figure!! (Which reminds me...Shilo--we need to make a playdate once my kids get back--I promised Kobe :0)

Friday, July 18, 2008


I have been waiting for Friday ALL WEEK!! No, I'm not doing anything fun and exciting this weekend (at least that I know of.) I've just had a long and boring week at work so I am ready for the madness to be done. Hopefully I will have a nice and refreshing weekend and come back next week ready to fundraise my little bootie off!!

Speaking of booties, my kids have just been in heaven playing with Baby Charlotte. My sister emailed me some cute photos that I just had to share. I'll have to remind Kobe and Tehani to get all of their "playing with baby" time out of their system while they're in Chicago 'cause there won't be any babies to play with at our house anytime soon. I'm sure Tehani will come back with all sorts of ideas about how fun it would be for us (meaning me) to have a baby. She even asked me once how old she had to be to have a baby (33 sounds about right!) For now she'll just have to make do with borrowing Char Char when Auntie Cynthia lets her hold the baby!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Run Laura Run!!

Don't ask me what I was thinking when I decided it would be a good idea to start my 4th of July holiday by getting up at the crack of dawn and running in the Provo Freedom Festival Run. (Call me crazy but apparently this is my idea of fun ?!?) However, I am glad to report that I finished the 5K in one piece--and with a time of 37:01 which is a faster than I expected! I know a 5k is only 3 miles but I'm just getting back into running so this is still a big deal for me. Afterwards, I stayed to watch the parade with my cousins (Shaanta, Laiza and I ran the race together) before spending the day at the Scera pool with Simone. Other than missing my kids (this is the second or third summer they've been in Chicago) all in all, I had a perfect 4th of July holiday!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

Just in time for the 4th of July--Baby Charlotte!

So much for Cynthia's scheduled c-section next week! My sister's water broke on Thursday afternoon (Baby Charlotte is apparently patriotic and wanted to make sure that she didn't miss out on any 4th of July fun.) Charlotte Hinanui Logsdon was born Thur, July 3rd at 9:31pm via c-section and weighed in at 6lb 6oz and is 19" long. The doctors say that she meausres at about 36 weeks when she was born (so I can't imagine how big Char Char would have been had she gone full term!) Kobe and Tehani can't get enough of her--they report that "She's sooo cute!" and that "She has teeny tiny toes!"

Congrats Cynthia and Ken and Happy 4th of July Baby Charlotte!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Where do babies come from?

Nothing like a morning of fun at the hospital! Kobe, Tehani, and my mom spent the early morning hours with Cynthia at the hospital to see if the doctors could do their magic and get Baby Charlotte to turn over the right way (Char Char's apparently fond the the breach position!) Anyway, it looks like the baby is just as stubborn as Cynthia is and would not budge. So Cynthia is now scheduled for a c-section next week on Tuesday, July 8.

I do worry about the kids spending so much "baby being born" time in the hospital but my mother has assured me that she will keep them out of the deliver room. About a year ago Tehani suprised me with her version of the "Where do babies come from question." Luckily we were in the car by ourselves so she doesn't get Kobe asking questions too...

Tehani: "How do babies get out of their mommy's tummy?"

Suprised Mom (aka Me): "Well...(long pause--with thoughts about why my SIX YEAR old is asking me this) The, um...the doctor does that..."

Tehani: "The doctor spreads it apart? "

Really Suprised Mom: "Um...the doctor spreads WHAT apart? (with thoughts about where on earth Tehani would already have an idea like this?!?)"

Tehani: "The mommy's tummy."

Relieved Mom: (Whew) "Yes...the doctor spreads the mommy's tummy apart."

It looks like Cynthia won't be spoiling the suprise for Tehani!