Sunday, June 21, 2009

My Daddy

Most people call today Father's Day but at our house a more fitting name would be Daddy's Day. Yes, I do still call my dad "Daddy." Weird, I know--but what do you expect from someone that still calls her mom "Mommy."

Anyway, in honor of this special day, I wanted to post just a few of the reasons why my Daddy is the best:

My Daddy can build anything
When I was seven years old, my Dad built me a play house. Now I know a lot of kids got playhouses when they were little, but this was not your average playhouse. We've actually joked that he could probably rent this place out--it's carpeted with paneled walls, has air conditioning AND a heater, working electrical sockets and a covered porch--with a porch light!

My Daddy showed me the world
Every summer was a new country: England, France, Germany, Iceland, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Egypt, Austria, Hungry, Poland, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and more. Being able to travel to so many places was amazing. But what is even more amazing is the fact that my father has never been to ANY of these countries--he sent my mom and us kids while he stayed home and worked. Talk about a great Dad!

My Daddy is a genius
Apparently when I was little, I used to tell everyone this. And now that I'm older, I've come to realize that this is a very true statement. From making us get up early ("The early bird gets the worm" he would always say) to teaching us to save our money ("For a rainy day") I know that a lot of who I am came from the things he taught me when I was growing up.

So for this and everything else that you did for me, Happy Father's Day Daddy! You deserve it!

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