Sunday, June 14, 2009

Over the river and through the woods

The kids have been in Chicago for about a week now. Even though they're gone, we usually still hear from them several times a day:
  • Kobe: "Mom, can I set up an account on"
  • Tehani: "Mom, did you know that (insert some random fact that only Tehani would know about)
  • They do occasionally call to tattle on each other, though I am not sure why they are calling me since it is not like in I'm there. (Thank goodness for free long distance)

Anyway, they also like give updates on all they things that they are doing with Grandma and Grandpa. And I think I've finally figured out why they can't wait to get to's like a gigantic party!! In less than one week they have:

And as if that wasn't enough, they even have a new "pet." A duckling wandered into my parents garage the other day. The mother is no where to be found but I hear that she has found a new "mom" in Tehani. My mom says that Tehani and the duck are inseparable. (Great, let's encourage my little veterinarian in training to take in EVERY stray that she finds!) I'm waiting for my mom to email me some photos (Note to self: teach Kobe how to upload pics so he can send them to me instead of waiting for my mom to convince my brother to come over and do this:)

At least this week won't be so busy for the kids. They do start swimming lessons, which is another tradition they have when they visit my parents-swim lesson's at the Addison Park District. And they are helping Grandma babysit Baby Charlotte for the week. (Which means in addition to wanting a duck when they get back home, they will also ask if we can have a baby too!) Great! The answer is no.

And no.

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Rachelle said...

i read this post the other day but didn't comment cuz i didn't want to tease you about the "baby" comment which i thought was so adorable.

now that little ducky has died..hmmm... maybe you should give that another though. i mean just to help them through their grief.

...haha! ok, probably not funny to you. :) duck or no duck, baby or no baby, you have the cutest family!