Thursday, June 4, 2009

Camp Jeremiah Johnson

So our Cub Scouts were scheduled to do a "day camp" today which means that I got to spend my Thursday at Camp Jeremiah Johnson with Kobe and the boys. We don't have a huge den but after all the planning and forms to fill out I'm sure all of the leaders are glad this is over. I was excited to see how many things the boys were able to pass off--and they were having tons of fun! Some of the highlights included:
  • Shooting--If Kobe ever gets in trouble for shooting out someones window with a bb gun, now I can blame it on being a cub scout.
  • Boating--Definitely not a strong skill for our group. Maye our little Samoan den needs to take some lessons from their dads!
  • Archery--This was Kobe's favorite thing out of all the activities

I'm just glad that the camp was early enough in the summer that Kobe was able to go before he leaves for his next adventure at Camp "Grandma Anderson!"

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