Thursday, July 23, 2009

Our Vegetable Garden

I realize that when most people talk about a vegetable garden, they're usually referring to multiple plants. But this year, you are looking at a photo of the entire Tevaga Vegetable Garden. Earlier this spring, Kobe brought home a cabbage from school--probably part of some homework assignment I didn't know about. I wasn't sure if the little guy (the cabbage--not Kobe) was going to make it because of all the spring snow but luckily for us, Kobe must have a green thumb just like his Grandpa!

Anyway, I had made the decision not to plant anything else this year since we were going to be gone to Chicago and then off to Tahiti for two weeks. I'm also starting back to school the beginning of August so I figured I didn't really need to worry with the hassles of weeding and harassing the kids to pick the tomatoes and zucchini like I had to do last year.

So when your veggie gardens start overflowing in the coming weeks, think of us. And our cabbage. I told my husband to pick it yesterday for some food he was cooking but he said we needed to wait for Kobe. So it looks like we will be eating cabbage on July 30th for Kobe's "Welcome Home from Tahiti" meal.

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The Johnsons said...

That is one pretty looking cabage! Let me know when the kids are back and we will have them over for a playdate.