Friday, March 27, 2009

Hello Kitty

So you know how its a great idea to have a pet for your kids---something about teaching them responsibility, blah, blah, blah. That's one of the reasons that we even wanted to get a pet. Our yard is not fenced in so ruled out a dog (I hate that neighbor dogs come and poop in our yard so I was not going to be a contributor to more neighborhood poop!) So, the kids have just been in love with their kitty "Neko" since Uncle Raymond and Auntie Kelly brought them a cat from the shelter.

Well, we realized after my Dad left that the cat wasn't feeling running around and jumping up on top of stuff, no rubbing up against you all the time, and she wasn't eating like she used to. At first I thought maybe she had just been traumatized by my Dad but when she started throwing up everywhere I knew something was really wrong. Three nights at the vet and $575 later...Neko is home and still alive (even if my wallet isn't!) Apparently, the cat somehow managed to get a bad, bad kidney infection. We're hoping if was just a one time thing and not a chronic problem but I am happy to report that Neko is back to her normal self. And while I'm not a crazy cat lady yet, I'm glad out kitty is home.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

After School Special

While most kids spend their time after school being couch potatoes and playing video games, yesterday my kiddos had a schedule that would make anyone tired:

3:10 SCHOOL'S OUT Picked up the kids. Grandpa (my Dad) is in town so the kids had fun taking him on a little tour of their school. My dad got to meet Kobe's teacher and Tehani even got to introduce her "grandpere" to her French teacher.

3:30 HOMEWORK TIME Being the good mom that I am, I threatened to leave both of them at home if they didn't get their homework done quickly. Tehani is the family procrastinator and actually dawdled enough that she had to finish her book report up at the next activity which was...

4:30 SOCCER GAME It was Kobe's first game of the season. He is very excited about his team since he's got his "fun coach" from a few years ago and they have a huge team with tons of neighbor kids. I think Kobe enjoyed having grandpa there to watch--and his team even managed to pull off a win!

5:30 SKATE NIGHT Nothing like letting your kids play "roller derby" at the local skating rink for a night of fun. I've been "banned" from skating (this is the same rink where I broke my arm at 4 year ago) so my dad and I just watched the kids from the sidelines.

All in all, it was a crazy afternoon. Luckily for me, we're not usually this busy. I don't think I could handle this "special" after school schedule all of the time.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

What happens in Vegas...

So, my husband has been dying to go to Vegas for awhile. He's got tons of friends and family down there that he's been wanting to visit so he finally convinced me that we should take the kids down for a quick ROAD TRIP!

The kids had a half day of school on Friday so were were able to get an early start for the weekend. The drive down only took us about 4.5 hours (thank goodness we had a DVD player in the car for the kids) and the weather was perfect the whole time we were there.

And after one visit to the Hoover Dam, several meals at In-N-Out Burger, and my husbands win at the slot machines (he didn't win millions but it was enough to pay for the trip) all in all we had a good weekend.

Until the next time...Viva Las Vegas!

Monday, March 2, 2009

A night at the movies

So which movie did the Tevaga's go to see this weekend? Maybe a kiddie flick, like Coraline? Or maybe an oldie at the dollar show, like the Tale of Desperaux? Nope again. Try a super oldie, like the Mark of Zorro. The radio station I work for was sponsoring a screening of this silent movie on Saturday night. And me (being the cheapo that I am) decided to take the fam for a night out. While I'm not a super huge fan of silent movies (I'm not really a big movie watcher in the first place) it was fun taking the kids.

If you've never been to a silent movie before, I recommend going if you ever get the chance. Kobe enjoyed being able to "boo" and "cheer" through out the movie (standard practice during a "silent" flick) while Tehani wanted to know if the "piano guy" (aka the organ accompanist) could stop playing so that she could hear the movie. You try exlaining to a seven year old that a silent movie isn't really silent--but we had fun and that's all that counts. That's two thumbs up for me!!

Now if I could just the station to start serving popcorn at our next movie screening...that's the only reason I even like to go to the movies!