Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Crazy Little Thing Called Loved

So two of my most favorite people are celebrating an anniversary today. 42 years and counting. That's a long, Long, LONG time to be married :)  And I'm pretty sure these little lovebirds are still as crazy as ever!

I think it was sometime during high school when I first realized that their relationship was a bit, how should I say this nicely...dysfunctional:
  • I had never (not even once) seen or heard my parents fight.
  • All of my friends had parents that were divorced.  Mine were still happily married.
  • In fact, one of my Dad's favorite things to do was to be "totally gross" by kissing my mom in front of us. (When we were older, I even remember hearing the words "Slip me the tongue honey!" on more than one occasion!)
  • Anniversaries?  My Dad remembered every single one of them.  My mom always got roses.  And she has every card my dad gave her.
Crazy, huh?  I mean, it's like I was forced to grow up in a Leave it to Beaver episode.  Well, I just want to tell Ward and June, errr... I mean Ray and Jackie that they have been the best examples of love. Crazy Love. True Love.  (That and I am only slightly scarred from being subjected to watching my parents make out in our kitchen--its almost enough to gag me with a spoon!)