Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Do duckies go to heaven?

That's the question I got asked yesterday when the kids called. Turns out that "Ducky" was not doing well. When they first told me they found a pet duckling that they were keeping as a pet, this was exactly what I worried about. With the kids sniffling on the phone, I explained that Ducky would be very happy (and not sick) when he was in duck heaven. I also reminded them that, Ginger, my pet dog from when I was little, would take care of Ducky. Tehani was concerned that maybe Ginger might try to eat Ducky but I informed her that animals do not try to eat each other in animal heaven :)

Auntie Cynthia was nice enough to help with the funeral preparations. The kids wrote notes to put in the check box that Ducky was burried in. After singing a few songs and the prayer, Ducky was burried right next to the playhouse. And the kids will be able to visit anytime we go to Chicago.

RIP Ducky. We will miss you!

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Rachelle said...

ahhhhhhhhhhhh, that was so darling. i smiled and teared at the same time...haha. sorry to hear about ducky but sounds like an unforgettable experience for them. :)