Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Music to my ears

So while other little girls dream about getting tickets to go to a Hannah Montana concert, our little Tehani dreams about one thing..the Celtic Woman.

It's kind of my own fault. I took Tehani to their concert a few years ago and she has been hooked ever since. She has a CD of theirs that she listens to EVERY night when she is going to bed. And lately she has started signing along (who knew that Tehani spoke Gaelic?)

Anyway, we convinced Simone and Eva to join us for the fun. We had great seats in the 3rd row--which is almost too close when you are only 7 (Tehani) and 6 (Eva).
I had to remind Tehani that it's not polite to talk during a concert. She kept leaning over at the start of every song to give me her commentary--"This is (insert name of some Celtic Woman song). It's on my CD. This is the song where..." She's a little talker. She must get that from her dad.

And she gets her great taste in music from me :)

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