Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Santa's Secret

Ever wonder what Santa does when he's not delivering presents?
That's right folks. He runs (along with a few hundred of his Santa friends!) Back in the beginning of December (before good 'ole Saint Nick got too busy with the holiday festivities) I ran in the Provo Santa Run. This was my first year doing this run and considering how much fun we had, I don't think it will be the last. 

I did not force my kids to run this time around.  But I did "volunteer" them to volunteer :) "Santa's Helpers" get to pass out cookies and milk to the runners and help along the route. Kobe and Tehani had fun directing the runners on the course (and since the kids were under age, Norm had to come too--He was the offical volunteer watcher :)
We even got this cute pic with the Grinch. I was tempted to send this out as our family Christmas card this year (ya know, and pretend that the hub is dressed up as the man in green) Anyway, Norm must have been worried that too many people would really think that was him--I got a thumbs down veto from him (What a grinch!)

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Rachelle said...

you are the coolest girl. ever. ever. way to go on all the running. you are inspiring!