Monday, December 26, 2011

Jimi Marley

We finally got to the mall to exchange a few Christmas presents (much to Kobe's chagrin, he received a total of FIVE sweaters under the tree :)

Kobe, being the twelve year old boy that he is, was hoping to exchange all of his gifted clothing items for t-shirts.  I told him he could only get ONE tshirt. And this is the one he picked out.

When we were in the car driving home for the store, I mentioned to Kobe that I didn't know he was a Jimi Hendrix fan...
Kobe: Jimi who?
Me: The guy on your shirt...
Kobe: Mom, its a Bob Marley shirt.
Me: No its not...
Kobe: Yes it is.
I actually had to have him take out the shirt and read the lettering before he would admit that I was right. Jimi. Bob. They're both the same, right?

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