Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Crazy Little Thing Called Loved

So two of my most favorite people are celebrating an anniversary today. 42 years and counting. That's a long, Long, LONG time to be married :)  And I'm pretty sure these little lovebirds are still as crazy as ever!

I think it was sometime during high school when I first realized that their relationship was a bit, how should I say this nicely...dysfunctional:
  • I had never (not even once) seen or heard my parents fight.
  • All of my friends had parents that were divorced.  Mine were still happily married.
  • In fact, one of my Dad's favorite things to do was to be "totally gross" by kissing my mom in front of us. (When we were older, I even remember hearing the words "Slip me the tongue honey!" on more than one occasion!)
  • Anniversaries?  My Dad remembered every single one of them.  My mom always got roses.  And she has every card my dad gave her.
Crazy, huh?  I mean, it's like I was forced to grow up in a Leave it to Beaver episode.  Well, I just want to tell Ward and June, errr... I mean Ray and Jackie that they have been the best examples of love. Crazy Love. True Love.  (That and I am only slightly scarred from being subjected to watching my parents make out in our kitchen--its almost enough to gag me with a spoon!)

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Jack said...

That's nice. We're on the way to being them (though we've only made it 36 years so far, so we're still kind of newlyweds). It's good to hear there are other people like us, and fun to hear what it was like growing up around them. Pay us a visit at the Hideout, you might find something to enjoy...