Friday, December 9, 2011

Now we're cookin!

Just another day at the office! Now before you all start thinking that I have the coolest job ever (even though I do) I should clarify that I spend most days (OK, every day :) sitting in front of a computer. But today, I got to spend a few hours honing my domestic diva skills for a new television show were doing (I'll let you take a guess at what it is about)

Before my mom gets all excited and thinks that I'm going to the be star of my own TV show, I was just the guest (which means HE was teaching ME how to cook!) We made focaccia in case you 're wondering. And it was delicious--even if I do say so myself. (Though I am not sure how anything could taste bad when you drench it in that much olive oil :) I should also point out that this was the "pilot episode," which means the rest of you won't get to see my fabulous cooking skills on your television screens.

Anyway, it was fun to help with the show. Who knows, I may actually even try baking with yeast on my own now (I've had a yeast phobia for years :) But now that I am done baking dough, I can get back to my REAL job--which is raising the dough!

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