Sunday, May 1, 2011

Imperial Garden

This is my first time trying to post via email to my blog so forgive me if this comes out funky...

Now that we are here (I'll have to do a separate post some other time to talk about my "extended" Seattle layover and general annoyance with Delta)

Here is a quick recap since our arrival in Beijing yesterday afternoon:

We hiked the Great Wall yesterday. Very cool. Also took my first trip on an alpine slide--that was how we got down the mountain.

Bathrooms can sometimes be a little different over here. Basically I peed in a whole yesterday (bathroom in the airport parking garage) I'll assume that I have decent aim since I didn't get my feet wet.

So far today, we've been to Tianamen Square, The Forbidden City. I took a million pics (on my good camera) but since I can't load those up here's one I snapped on my cell.

Next stop? Silk Market. Let me know if you want me to pick you up any silk ;)
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