Saturday, May 28, 2011

A lawyer walks into a bar...

I figured I'd better start brushing up on my lawyer jokes since it looks like we may one day have another lawyer in the family. My BIL (or "brother-in-law" since I know my parents don't know texting shorthand :) is the only lawyer I know at the moment. But here's the conversation I had in the car yesterday that may change all of this...
Kobe: Mom?

Laura: What Kobe?

Kobe: Do you think for Christmas you could get me some law books?

Laura: I guess. Are you going to be a lawyer when you grown up?

Kobe: Maybe. I'm just thinking it would be fun to learn more about law.

Yes people, my child used the word fun to describe learning about law. Tehani piped in and asked if Kobe just wanted to read those books so that way he could break the law (thanks Tehani)

I told Cynthia about the incident and she informed me there are some kid-friendly books that talk about strange laws and such. I decided this was a bad idea since it would only encourage Kobe's new found interest in learning legal speak. The other option is to to just give him a regular book of legal code. I'm guessing that's all it would take to suck the "fun-ness" out of learning about the law :)

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