Friday, October 30, 2009

Our favorite time of the year

And no, it's not Halloween. It's the time of year when I get to wish my little "baby" brother Raymond a Happy Birthday. I went through my pics to make sure I found one embarrassing enough to share...

And since I'm in the mood for sharing, here are a few other little known facts to help Raymond celebrate his special day:
  • Raymond the Rebel--When Raymond went through his "rebellious stage," my sister and I used to get in trouble every time he came home with a new tattoo or pierced body part. Somehow this is our fault?!

  • Show and tell--I believe Raymond was just in kindergarten when he got in trouble for bringing real bullets to school. Had we known that he would end up being a cop, we could have just told the principal that he was practicing for when he would carry bullets with him every day!

  • Raymond the Roomie--One of my favorite years was when Cynthia, Raymond and I all lived together in Utah. (I'm pretty sure my parents sent him out here to "keep an eye on me" but it was fun none the less!)

  • Get this kid some Ritalin--Raymond used to get a little "crazy" when my friends would come over when I was in high school. I recall him barking like a dog and several occasions of him snapping the bra straps of my friends (I believe he was about 8 at the time :)

  • Little Ray--I know most people call him Ray but to me he is and always will be "Raymond." The only other name that I know him by is "Precious" which is the nickname my Dad likes to tease him with :)

  • Raymond the Marine--It only makes sense that if it was mine and Cynthia's fault every time a new tattoo was inked, it would also be our fault when Raymond joined the Marines. I tried to explain to the P's that it was not my day to watch him (It was Cynthia's) when he went down the recruiter and enlisted. None the less, we a very proud of lil' veteran.

So here's to you baby brother--Hope you have a very Happy 30th Birthday!!

Your favorite big sister Laura
(PS--Don't worry, I promise not to tell Cynthia that I am your favorite!)

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Cynthia said...

So not true--I am totally Raymond's favorite!