Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Dear Grandma

Dear Grandma,
Hi. it's me Tehani. since Mommy has been too busy to write on her blog, I figured that I would write to you (so don't tell Mom I'm writing on her blog)

How do you like it there in Tahiti? what do you and auntie jungle lady do all day? me and Charlotte ane kobe miss you alot. don't wory though cause me and kobe still remember what you look like so you don't need to send us a picture. Kobe wants to tell you something...

Hi its me Kobe. I miss you alot and I hope you are doing well. Its 6:00am here but me mom and tehani are awake . who goes to get the fitifiti donoughts since Tehani and I aren't there? Have you gone to the roulette to eat? I sure miss Tahiti. Love, Kobe

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