Thursday, October 29, 2009

It's the HATE Pumpkin Charlie Brown!

Can I just tell you that I HATE pumpkins? I'm not sure if it comes from the fact that I absolutely detest pumpkin pie or if I had a bad carving experience as a child, but the thought of cutting into a big orange gourd just makes my skin crawl! I should also mention that at some point during my childhood I was actually called "pumpkin head" by little bully at school so I'm assuming that some of my "pumpkin-hate" feelings may come from that event as well...

At any point, this anti-pumpkin mom was very excited to come home Tuesday night to find two expertly carved pumpkins waiting in the kitchen. So while I was at school enjoying a rousing evening of EMBA 504 (Corporate Financial Reporting), Norm must have broken down to Tehani's constant nagging of "WHEN are we going to carve the pumpkins?" I must admit that the kids have never had such nicely carved pumpkins in their life(and NO, I am not just saying that so Norm feels pressured into doing pumpkin duty each year :)

PS--If this tells you anything about how much I HATE pumpkins: Our nicely carved pumpkins are now sitting in my living room. This is where I study at night. I thought I was going to VOMIT from the pumpkin smell that is now permeating the room--so much so that I actually had to study in a different room last night. (If I get a bad grade on my assignment, it is all the pumpkin's fault!)

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Cynthia said...

Very cute! Is that a picture of Neko on the second pumpkin?