Friday, October 9, 2009

Grandpa's Day

Technically its called Grandparent's Day--Meridian School does it every year and this is the first time that my Dad has been able to come out for it. Grandpa was going to be in town this weekend for Tehani's baptism so it was perfect timing for him to be able to spend the morning with the kids at school. After spending time in art class, science, PE and enjoying the 3rd grade rendition of Green Eggs and Ham, Grandpa took us all out for lunch at Chuck-A-Rama, one of Tehani's faves.

The kids even finagled Grandpa out of a present from Sam's Club--Kobe got a new DS game and Tehani picked out some Halloween basket thingy. At this rate, they'll never want my Dad to go home!

You better watch out Grandma--looks like there's a NEW pushover in town!!

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Cassie Jensen said...

Laura, so sweet! Glad your parents are so involved with your kids! Our school changed "grandparents day" to "good friends day". Kind of a cop out I think, but I guess so many kids bring a neighbor or something they wanted to include everyone!