Tuesday, August 30, 2011

It's Finally Here

My kids have literally been counting down the days. No, there is not some cool video game coming out. It's not even a trip to Chicago. They've been counting down the days until school would start and IT IS FINALLY HERE!

I didn't think they were going to make it. We had a bunch of neighbor kids that started almost two weeks ago. Everyone else we knew started last week. I thought my kids were going to poke their eyes out if they had to sit at home for another day, (Being the good mom that I am, I let them turn the TV room into one large blanket fort--we've had it like that for the last week or so!) Needless to say, we were all very ready for school to start (Yes, I know--what is wrong with these kids actually wanting to go to school!)

Kobe got up at 5am. He came in our room and asked if it was too early to take a shower (duh) Tehani got up much to early as well and spent the next two hours perfecting her hair and outfit for the day. School doesn't event start until 8:15--but the kiddos were ready to leave while it was still dark out :)

Now, any kid of mine should know that you are not going to leave for the first day of school without the obligatory photos out on the front porch. You'd think they'd learn that the sooner they can both a picture where they both have their eyes open (notice how Kobe is tying his shoes above with his eyes closed) and with normal looks on their faces, we could leave sooner...I beleive this was the picture I took after I said "Open your eyes!" I should have told Tehani that those insturctions were for Kobe only. The kids were sure that we were going to be late for school (which would've been ironic since they had our whole house up at the crack of dawn)
Anyway, after snapping this lil' picture the kids were officially ready for their first day back at Meridian school. Happy School Year kids! (Don't forget to learn something)

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