Friday, September 9, 2011

You must have my kid confused with someone else

So the kids have been in school for just over a week and we got our first email from one of the teachers the other night...

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Tevaga,
It has been really delightful to get to know Kobe over the past week and a half. He has a natural ability in being a leader and many of the students already look up to him and follow his example. As a teacher, I particularly appreciate this because Kobe is a very respectful student and he treats his classmates well. I am grateful to have his example in class and am looking forward to seeing more of his talents unfold throughout the duration of the year. Miss "Teacher"

Leader? Respectful? Are you sure were talking about the same kid here?? My kid's name is Kobe--you know, the one with the big afro hair. I mean this can't really be the same kid that occasionally likes to sigh and roll his eyes when I ask him to do something? Hmm...
(Well, he has always been a good actor...)

In other unbelievable news, the kids love, Love, LOVE school. They come home every day talking about what they did. It's been nice to get back into somewhat of a routine (and to get the kids out of the house all day) Kobe's taking Chinese so he sang me a song they are learning (though for all I know he could just be saying jibberish--and I'm telling him "That sounds great!)

Anyway, just to be safe I'm posting a pic of my "lil leader." Who knows--maybe I'm raising the future president of the United States?? (I'm going to assume that if we can have a black president, we can also have a half Samoan one too :) But if "Miss Teacher" happens to be surfing the Internet and comes across this pic, can you please confirm that this was the kid you were talking about?

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