Thursday, August 18, 2011

What religion are you?

I remember when I was growing up and would ask my mom what a word meant when I didn't know the meaning. Her standard answer was "Why don't you look that up in the dictionary?" I can honestly say that I didn't ever bother (which means she is the cause of my mediocre vocabulary skills:)

Anyway, now that the kids are back they've been double-teaming me with all of sorts of words--articulate, mortality, Pol Pot (Ok, I didn't know who that was but thats what Google is for anyway, right?) And these were just the "What does this mean" words from one day!

Just when I thought the "Word Quiz-o-Rama" couldn't get any worse, Kid #1 through me for a lil' loop at breakfast the other day:
"Mom, what's a virgin?

I gave the appropriate eleven year old answer (its a person that's never had sex before just in case you are wondering) and had to chuckle with the reply I received..."Oh. I've always thought it was a religion."

I can hardly wait to see what "unknown" words they come up with next!

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