Sunday, April 3, 2011

My science experiment

I've never really been a fan of science. I mean, I did get good enough grades in the subject in high school (I should point out that I was in honors science classes so my dislike for the stuff has nothing to do with not understanding it :) I mean, do I REALLY need to know how to dissect a frog? And I've never once been asked to randomly name elements from the Periodic Table...

It is, of course, only by fate that my oldest LOVES science. Which means Kobe was completely in his element last weekend when he participated in the Science Olympiad. Who knew that there were whole competitions all around science?!?

Being the good "Science Mom" that I am, I decided to conduct a few experiments of my own. Here are my findings:

6 Hours: This is the max amount of time that Tehani and I could spend at the Science Olympiad before we were all scienced-out :) I really expected Tehani to be "geeked out" way before that but there were enough exhibits to keep her somewhat entertained.

180 Minutes: This is how long we had to spend in the car--round trip--to get to said Sciencepalooza. What's so great about Weber State University anyway? (I'm going to have to lobby the Science Gods to consider moving their dog-n-pony show to BYU next year)

Zero: This is the amount of homework I completed while at the Science Olympiad. My plan had been to get some reading done but between driving kids across campus to different events...I was like a one-woman taxi service.

Anyway, I'll close this post with a pic of Kobe's new favorite science sport, Sumo Bots (Its like sumo wrestling--for science geeks) Enjoy!

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