Monday, April 11, 2011

China Week

So at the end of the month I am leaving for a 16 day trip to China, Thailand and India. Although it may sound like a vacation, the trip is actually a Foreign Business Excursion that is required for the Executive MBA program I'm doing. Call it what you will, I just know that I am super excited to go. I've been a lot of places but never to these countries.

Anyway, I decided that in preparation for my trip, the fam was going to learn about the places I'm going (whether they want to or not) So tonight was our first night of what I am affectionately calling "China Week." We ate Chinese food--with chopsticks--and watched a program that we recently aired at the station (which you can watch here if you too are interested in learning more about China :)

got pretty into it as I was even able to convince her to put on her cheongsam (Chinese dress) for the occasion. When I told Kobe it was too bad that he didn't have anything Chinese to wear, he replied "Mom, I'm wearing Chinese clothes. Don't you know that EVERYTHING is made in China!"

I'd like to know who has been teaching my son about China when I wasn't paying attention? Anyway, if you have any easy recipes (or suggestions on other movies we might watch) let me know. Otherwise, the kids might just end up eating fortune cookies and watching Jackie Chan movies by the time we get to the end of the week :)

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