Saturday, April 9, 2011

Discovery Gateway: Staycation Day 2

I knew my Staycation Jar was a hit when Tehani woke me up this morning at 6AM to ask if she could "pick" out our activity for the day. After a few more hours of sleep I finally let Tehani pick and the Tevaga family was off to the Gateway for a morning of Discovery fun!

If you've never taken your kids there, I highly recommend it. Kobe has been there once for school but this was Tehani's maiden voyage to the place. Who knew science could be so fun! Luckily we got there right when they opened (read before all the crowds showed up :) so we spent a few hours there and left before the place got too crowded. But we will definitley have to go back again.

Two days down, a whole long week left to go :)

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