Friday, March 25, 2011

Flashback Friday

I'm not sure on the exact year of this flashback photo--though I'd venture to guess by the nifty knickers my sis is sportin' that we're looking at sometime during the early 80's...

Keep in mind that any time you came or went to visit my grandparents in Tahiti you HAD to take a picture in front of their "garage" (Yes, those multicolored streamers hanging in the back of the photo would technically count as the garage door :)

You can tell that we just arrived since we're wearing flower leis. That and Raymond is actually wearing clothes. (By the end of the trip, I'm sure he was running around in nothing but his undies like the rest of the natives :)

PS Note to Raymond: Please do not comment on the frequency of my posts (or lack thereof :) or next time I'll pull out the REALLY embarrassing photos of you. (And you know which ones I am talking about!)

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