Tuesday, December 9, 2008

The sharpest pencil in the box

Well, Tehani came home from school today with her "Letter to Santa." I'm sure if I had majored in psychology in school (instead of being a broadcast major) there would be a lot that I could tell about my little girl from her letter. Here it goes:

for Christmas I want a cell phone. Then I want some sharp pencils.
From Tehani

The cell phone we already knew about (It's not happening but we know she wants one--'cause every 7 year old needs one?!?) But sharp pencils? Our house is apparently "sharp pencil" deficient. And I've come to find out from the sharp pencil expert (Tehani) that the only good pencil sharpeners are the electric ones. I had her call my mom to read her the letter. Of course, my mom found this funny but was also aghast...Can't you buy your daughter some pencils? And a sharpener? What kind of mom am I? :)

If my daughter ever drops out of high school, I'll just know that it was because of the "sharp pencil" shortage at our house...


The Johnsons said...

That just makes me giggle! Kids ask for the funniest things! Gunners has changed so many time, I finally made him commit to one letter that he wrote in pen, so he can't erase it and change his mind!

Staiger Smiles said...

What a little sweetheart! Thayden wants a cell phone too. Seven year olds. How funny! Happy Holidays!