Thursday, December 4, 2008

The Birthday Boys

Well, December is a pretty busy month for us because we have TWO birthdays to celebrate and the first one is already here...
The kids were very excited to wake up their dad early on Thursday morning so he could open his presents--some new "threads" (and he even sported some to work that day.) Speaking of work, I did manage to surprise him by dropping off some yummy cupcakes at his office. It's funny because I had been worried about maybe embarrassing him (but like the good wife I decided to do it anyway.) Well, after I made my special delivery to his work I come to find out that they actually have cake (and ice cream) every time there is a birthday. I'll know not to be worried next year!!

And now all I have to do is plan what we are going to do for Kobe's 9th birthday at the end of the month. (Yes, this is an old, old photo with this post) So if anyone has any party suggestions for a rowdy group of nine year old boys, I'm all ears :)

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buttercup said...

When my tomboy daughter turned 8 I took her and her rowdy boy friends bowling. We did one round of bowling, had cake and snacks there and opened presents there. No mess at my house they had a great time! They even chose out of a "hat" random ways to bowl, like backwards with your left hand etc. I got the idea from Family fun magazine.

My 11 year old just wants to do a late night party with his friends where they watch a movie (Star Wars clone wars in his case)He's convinced it would be easy because you just watch the movie and provide pizza and popcorn and drinks. We'll see..
(Love, Robyn)