Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I'd call you but I don't have a cell phone...

We've been pretty busy this past week getting the kids ready for their summer in Chicago with Grandma & Grandpa. We of course had to clean (anytime Grandma is coming, it's time to clean the house!) and then wash and pack enough clothes to last Kobe and Tehani through the summer.

They just left this morning at 5am for their flight. The good thing about "going to Chicago" is that we can at least talk to the kids on a daily basis as opposed to when they have spent summers in Tahiti and we only call them every Sunday ($30 for a10 minute phone call is way too much--no matter how much I miss my kids!)

Anyway, as I was fixing Tehani's hair this morning (she is fond of her center part but but needed help to make sure "the line" is straight) I reminded her that she can call me anytime while they are gone. Her reply shows that Norm and I are in for many more years of fun with our teenager-in-training:

Tearful Mom (aka Me):"Now make sure you call me. If its during the day, you can call me at my desk..."

Tehani: "I can't call you."

Tearful Mom: "What do you mean you can't call me?"

Tehani: " Well if SOMEONE would buy me a cell phone I could call..."

Apparently, my six year old believes she needs a cell phone. And this isn't the first time she has expressed this opinion. As I said earlier, I am sure the teenage years are going to be oodles of fun! I explained to Tehani that she can borrow Grandma or Grandpa's cell phone or that she could always do like we did in the olden days and use a land line.

I'm sure she'll be too busy having fun in Chicago but I'll be waiting by the phone just in case.

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