Monday, September 15, 2008


That's right, Thank Goodness It's Monday--because this weekend totally wore me out!! There should really be a rule against having "a schedule" on your days off...
  • Fri 5pm--Tehani just started taking hula lessons with a new teacher so I rushed over there after work to check it out.
  • Fri night--Clean the house, wash dishes and try to get ready for Saturday
  • Sat 9:30am--Eyebrow wax (because unlike Bert from Sesame Street, a unibrow is not sexy on me)
  • Sat 10am--Pump class at Gold's Gym. This is my favorite class to go to but I was a little dissapointed because there was a sub. Just not the same (but a workout none the less)
  • Sat 12:00--Shopping at Sam's Club. The kids enjoyed lunch, err... I mean samples as I stocked up on enough go-gurts and other necessities to last for the next 8 months.
  • Sat 1:30--BYU 59 UCLA 0--It was about this time that Nofoa called to say he had gotten us tix to the BYU Game. Nothing like a change in plans to to throw your whole day into chaos. I do love going to the games though, so we rushed home and got geared up in our BYU blue. Tehani and I had to leave early though because...
  • Sat 4:30pm--Tehani's 7th Birthday party--A house full of 7 year olds girls is all it takes to make you realize that boys are so much easier. Anyway, Tehani got tons of presents and I think all of the girls had fun.
  • Sat 11:00pm--Threaten to send the kids back to Grandma's house if they don't go to bed
  • Sun 8:30am--Find wedding ring in bathroom (luckily it wasn't down the drain :) I didn't take it to get it resized yet but it is on my list for the week. Hopefully I don't loose it again before then.
  • Sun 10:00am--Teach sunday school. The good thing about this is now that Nofoa has been released from YM, I now have someone to teach with me. And they moved us to the 12&13 year olds. (I've only being doing the 16&17 year old class for 2+year so I am ready for the change)
  • Sun 2:00pm--Take nap/read paper/and help Tehani make a poster for school

Like I said, I'm definitely going to enjoy a little "R&R" now that the craziness is over with (at least until next weekend :)

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