Wednesday, September 10, 2008

The Birthday Girl

Before anyone thinks that I am posting about MY birthday again, I have to point out that our family (being as efficient as we are) managed to coordinate all birthdays into just two months of the year. Both Nofoa and Kobe have their birthdays in December and Tehani and I do our birthday celebrating in September--with Tehani's "Big Day" being today, Sept 10.

Tehani has been counting down the days until she turns 7 for at least the last month so when she sleepily crawled into our bed this morning (like she does every other day) and ask "What day is it today?" I was happy (not about her being in our bed) but that I could finally reply--It's your birthday (...And then thought, now can Mommy go back to sleep for awhile?)

Now that going back to bed was not an option, Nofoa gave Tehani one of her presents before school--some new earings that you can see her sporting in the b-day pic I posted. She lost all her other pairs over a year ago so I'm surprised her holes hadn't closed yet (either that, or i just re-pierced her ears this morning :) When I asked Tehani what she wanted for breakfast her request was to MAKE her own breakfast. She's been quite the little sous chef lately--we made Crock Pot Lasagna the other day and last night she helped with the Zucchini Parmesan (we're eating a lot of zucchini lately as I am trying to get rid of the veggies in the garden--they grow too fast!)

Anyway, we managed not to drop or burn any pancakes and no one got syrup on their uniform before school (they are only allowed to get their clothes dirty AFTER they get to school) so all in all we had a great birthday breakfast. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TEHANI!!

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The Johnsons said...

Happy Birthday to the both of you! I love the new family pics!