Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gettin' schooled

Now that the kids are back from Chicago it can only mean one thing...it's time to get schooled!! Most of the other kids in town (ok, every other kid in the entire state of Utah) started hittin' the books a few weeks ago. Needless to say, these two have been looking forward to the first day of school for quite some time.

Here is a quick pic of our two pupils before they headed off to Meridian this morning. This is the 2nd year that they have both attended this private school and they love it--uniforms and all! When it was announced last year that the school would be moving up to Orem, I wasn't sure if we'd be willing to make the trip each day to drop them off. (I also didn't think I could make them walk the 6 miles to school each way without getting a call from DCSF!) But when Meridian had their "Back to School" night last week, I remembered why we choose to send the kids there in the first place--super small classes and extra good teachers. I was also happy to have the kids start taking a foreign language in 1st grade. So next time you see the kiddos, bust out the "Parlez vous francais?" on these two and see if their schooling is paying off :)

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The Johnsons said...

I am with you on the smaller class! I just wish they could have gotten in to Freedom, I know that none of them are in the same grade, but they still could have seen each other around the playground.