Friday, September 12, 2008

MISSING: Two teeth and a wedding ring

Well, Kobe and I started the day off at the dentist office. Apparently, bad dental hygiene runs in the family--I was going in to get a wisdom tooth pulled and Kobe has managed to already get a cavity in one of his permanent teeth. Anyway, I always try to schedule our appointments together as our dentist, Dr Stucki, is in Alpine so it is quite the trek anytime we need to go in for a visit. Once we got there, Dr Stucki found that Kobe had a baby tooth that was also infected...hence the two missing teeth (one for each of us :)

The ring is a whole different story. On the way back from the dentist, I noticed that my wedding ring was not on my finger. I had just commented to Nofoa last week that I probably needed to get the ring resized as it was very loose. I've finally lost some weight (over 50lbs just this last year) and recently the ring has gotten to the point where it can slide off my finger...which is apparently what has happened. In addition to tearing up the house, I've already called the dentist and checked everywhere that I've been today. The good news is I know I had it last night (it's pledge drive time and I went back and watched the tape and I had it on last night.) So it went missing somewhere between 10:30 last night when I left the studio until now. I'll have to tell Kobe and Tehani that there is "reward" if they can find my ring. I'm sure it's around here somewhere...I'll just feel better once I find it. :(

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Mel said...

I lost my wedding ring in July. I tore apart the whole house & nothing. (Wish it has slipped due to weight loss;). After giving up all hopes, my mom stepped on it one day while visiting. I was so relieved! Hope yours turns up soon.