Saturday, March 24, 2012

It Takes A Village

 So I had another race this morning--and decided it was the perfect day to make my tribe come with to The Village Run 5k!

 It's been awhile since I've made the kids come run with me (I'm trying get my kids to be more active--not to develop a hate for running :) but it was so nice out this morning they couldn't help but have a fun time.  There was a carnival, music and other things like that so the kids had plenty to do while they were waiting for me and Simone to finish our 3.1 jaunt.
We were able to get two of the three kids to compete when it was time for the Kids Fun Run.  Apparently, Tehani needs to start running track because she took first place (and yes, she ran in her jeans and her pink Keds) She finished several seconds before all of the other kids (I actually told her after that she doesn't need to run that fast when she is so far in front of everyone else :)  Eva took third place--and Kobe was their #1 cheerleader!

Then they finished the morning off with a lil' egg hunt (Is it really going to be Easter already?)

Happy Spring people!  Let's get on out there and spring something!!

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