Saturday, April 14, 2012

The cost of a haircut

The kids and I were out shopping today when I suggested to Kobe that it might be about time that we go to get his hair cut. Truth be known, it was "time" for a hair cut a couple of inches, err..I mean, months ago (the kid must think he's Samson or something 'cause he gets a little freaky anytime we talk about trimming up his curly locks :)

Anyway, Kobe is going to be a good negotiator when he grows up.  Cause he talked me into paying him $15--to get a haircut! Does this make me a bad mom? Originally, it was only going to be $10 but he countered with "$15 and we can go right now..."

Sold!! Five minutes later we were sitting at the local Great Clips :)

I did manage to get back at him by posting these mildly embarassing photos on his Facebook page.

These pictures were taken mid-cut--so no, my kid is not walking around with an 80' haircut (I'm not THAT bad of a mom :)