Friday, March 23, 2012

Tastes Like Chicken

Frog legs anyone?

I just got these pics from the kid's science teacher and though they were too fun not to share.  I remember having to dissect a frog years ago (though I don't remember being quite so happy to be cutting open one of Kermit's cousins :) It seems like I didn't cut open my first amphibian until junior high but I guess just like everything else, kids do things earlier now.

I also noticed that Kobe must not be worried about getting formaldehyde in his eyes (since he is apparently only using his science goggles to hold his hair in place :)  I guess the good news is that if he does gets frog juice anywhere, he does have his tie on so he can use that to wipe it up (I've seen his ties after he gets done wearing them.  I'm pretty sure he only wears a tie so he can use them kind of as a bib :)

I'm hoping that happy smiling biology students= good grade in science :)

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