Saturday, September 10, 2011

Fashionista Fun (aka Tehani's B-Day Party)

One of the fun things about having a girl is getting to plan girl birthday parties. Well, I am proud to say that Tehani's 10th party did not disappoint...

Initially, we had a hard time deciding whether to hold her part on Friday night or Saturday (her actual birth day :) I was partial to holding on the actual day (because how often does that happen.) But the b-day girl had other plans, so Friday it was!

Tehani and friends decorated baseball caps with puffy paint, designed and modeled outfits out of toilet paper, decorated cupcakes, opened presents and everything else you would expect at a 10 year old's soiree. Tehani loved all of her presents--and I loved the fact that I can now cross this off of my mental "to-do" list...

Happy Birthday Tehani! I know that they next ten years with be just as entertaining (and fun) as the first :)

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