Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Happy Anniversary

So my parents celebrated an anniversary this week. Being married myself, I've become more and more impressed with the great marriage that my parents have. They should be on Dr. Phil or something--either that or at least write a tell-all book sharing the secrets to a happy marriage...

Anyway, in honor of their 41 years together (and no, that number is not a typo) I wanted to share with you some of my fondest memories of their marriage:

I can say in all of my years in living at home, I never ONCE saw my parents fight (For all I know, they fight like cats and dogs now but as a child, I never once had that thought that my parents didn't love each other :)

I never heard either parent under cut or undermine the other. Don't worry, I still followed the #1 rule of being a kid and made sure to go ask my Dad after my mom said no (It was pointless, since he always backed her up. But I asked anyway.)

My Dad always remembered my parents anniversary. And my mom always got red roses. I'm sure at one point in time she got just a dozen (you know, like normal people do) but she has now worked her way up to two dozen. I guess after you've been married for anything over 20 years, you deserve more flowers....

I am pretty sure my mom has every card that my father has ever given her (No she is not a hoarder, just sentimental I suppose/hope)

Right before I left for college, my Dad used to try and gross me out by kissing my mom in front of me and saying loud enough for me to hear, "Slip me the tongue, honey!" I'm sure the two of them thought they were being so funny. I pretend that I was disgusted but I actually thought it was the cutest thing in the world)

Anyway, here's wishing you guys a Happy (belated) Anniversary. Here's wishing you forty more years of happiness (and slipping each other the tongue!!)

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