Sunday, January 30, 2011

My Lil' Winter Olympians--Part 2

Just wanted to share a few pics of the kids at the ice rink. As if weekly trips to the snowy hills of Sundance were not enough, I've also got the kids in ice skating lessons too (that way if they aren't good enough to medal in snowboarding, we've got ice skating to fall back on :)

I should point out that I'm not REALLY trying to raise winter Olympians. (I've not actaully a fan of winter--and truth be known I think snow is just annoying :) But I had decided that it might be nice for Kobe to learn to play hockey--I am from Chicago after all. Hockey is a much more common there than it is out here thanks to the Black Hawks. Anyway, the only problem for my future hockey star is that they want your kid to actually know how to skate before they let you sign them up for hockey (Go figure!)

This is not their first time around the rink (I broke my wrist several years ago after an ill-conceived attempt to take my kids roller skating. After that, I promptly signed them up for ice skating lessons lest they develop a life-long aversion to anything involving skates :)
My plan must have worked--they've been enjoying their time on the ice (the two little people on the left belong to me :) If you've got recommendations for the next winter sport we should try, let me know. Who knows, maybe I'm raising a future luge medal winner?

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Cynthia said...

I think you should sign them up for curling. The Olympic team trains here in Wisconsin:)