Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Are We There Yet?

Here's a pic of the roadtripsters when they left on Wednesday morning (I figured I better take a picture in case they get completely lost and we need to put out an APB to find them :)

Anyway, in talking with my mom the road trip is going great. The kids are behaving (that was the last thing I said to the kids before they left--forget the "I love you's and "I'm going to miss you." It was "You had better listen to Grandma in the car or I am going to spank you when you get home!" :) And as far as I can tell, my mother has not gotten too lost--that was the last thing I said to my mom! They visited Yellowstone on Thursday and they were about an hour away from Mt Rushmore last night so she can't be too far off course (Though I did find out last night that Kobe is the "navigator" for the trip--he's got the map with him in the back of the van and tells my mom which way to go.) I mean, how much can go wrong when you have a ten year old leading the way, right?

So if you see a van with a couple of tahitian ladies and two crazy lookin' kids, be sure to ask them..."Are we there yet!?!"

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