Sunday, June 20, 2010

A bushel and a peck

A bushel and a peck--those are the words I'd use to describe how special my dad is to me. I've always been a Daddy's Girl--always have been, always will be. And I've always known--even from the time that I was just a small child, that my daddy loved me...

I remember as a little girl when my dad took me to see the musical "Annie." I think I was about Tehani's age and I'm pretty sure my dad had tons of other things to do that would have been more enjoyable for him (oh, I don't know--like maybe getting a root canal?!?) But this Daddy Daughter Date Night is one that I'll always remember. (I should point out that this is also one of the only times I've had a "date" fall asleep--My dad kept nodding off so I had to nudge him every so often so he would stop snoring so loud :)

I remember my sophomore year in high school when my dad took me shopping for my first prom dress. I'd been asked by an upperclassman to go to the dance and I don't remember if my mom was just busy or how my dad got stuck with the task of dress shopping. I was apparently fond of green back then because we settled on a stylin' emerald green taffeta party dress--perfectly appropriate for any self-respecting 1980's teenager. The dress also earned my date the nickname of "The Frog"--My dad has a bad habit of making up nicknames for people. He had a different name for every guy that I dated through high school and college: Beady Eyes, Side-of-the Mountain Mark, No-Neck, and The Big Dummy (these are just a few of the "nicer" nicknames :)

I remember the summer before I left for college when my dad made me change a tire on my car. By myself. I'm pretty sure that it took me all afternoon. And when I was done, I had to take the spare off and put the good tire back on (it's not like we had a flat to practice with.) It was not a fun day. But when the whole thing was finished, he told me that if I ever got a flat I should just get out of the car, pop the hood and wait for someone to stop that would change it for me. (This was 20 years ago--back in the "olden days" before we had cell phones. Now if I got a flat, my other "Daddy" (aka Norm) would be gettin' the call :)

I also remember all of the other things my dad did that let me know he loved me--calling me his pretty, pretty princess, telling me that he "loved me a bushel and a peck" and everything else he did to make my childhood a wonderful and magical time.

On this Father's Day, I want my dad to know that I am STILL your pretty, pretty princess and that I love you a bushel and a peck--and more!!

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