Monday, May 10, 2010

There's a new blog in town!

Technically, there are two blogs. I'm happy to report that Kobe and Tehani are now official members of the blogging world! I have to admit I was pretty surprised when Tehani asked the other day if she could start a blog. I tried to dissuade her and even offered to let her "guest post" on mine. Luckily for the kids, my sister got wind of the request and has been extolling the benefits of "kiddie blogging" ever since...

"Letting your kiddies have their own blogs would be an amazing teaching opportunity for you and an amazing learning opportunity for them.

Since it is their own blog, they will take ownership over their writing and they are writing for a real life situation to a real life audience (as opposed to an imaginary situation constructed by their teacher with a one-person audience).

They will want to write more because they will be writing about what is important to them when it is important to them. Their blog can act as their journal as well, and you can print it off so that they have a "published" book that they can keep forever.

You can help them improve their writing by giving suggestions along the way as they are writing. That way, you are correcting mistakes that they made (or suggesting ways to make their writing stronger) rather than them practicing for mistakes they might make, like they often do in school.

They will see the real, life application and will be more likely to remember the correction/suggestion in the future. You can also give them suggestions of what to write about, thereby broadening their writing experiences.

The best way to improve their writing is by having them write as much as possible, and a personal blog will help them to do that."

Who knew blogging was so edumacational? Does this mean that I will get better grades in my EMBA class since I have a personal blog? And yes, the above text is from an actual email my sister sent to me. (Cynthia was an English teacher, remember? :)

Anyway, if you are interested in what goes on in the mind of an eight or ten year old, just let me know and I can send you an invite (Due to the fact we don't want to be friends with ALL of the crazies on the web, Kobe's and Tehani's blogs are private:) Happy reading!


Stephanie said...

I want to read tehani's blog. Add me :)

Laura said...

Done--Please remember that I have limited myself to making only one correction per post(Tehani is especially fond of writing in all lower case :)

Cynthia said...

You can send me a really nice thank you gift when one of your kids gets a Pulitzer:)