Saturday, May 15, 2010

Deep in the heart of Texas

So I am in Texas for work. I've been here less than 24 hours but I can already tell that Austin is a very happening place. My workshop didn't start until 1pm so I took some time this morning to walk around the town (ok, it's really because I was too cheap to pay to use the gym at the hotel that I had to walk to get my exercising in) Observations so far are:
  1. You cannot live in Austin unless you own a dog. EVERY person I passed was walking--or carrying--a canine (except for the 3 different people that I passed that were being walked by gigundo great danes:)

  2. You cannot live in Austin unless you are fit. Joggers and cyclists were all out in full force this morning. If they weren't jogging or cycling, they were walking a dog.

  3. I've decided that Austinites must need to walk so much to burn off all of the calories they consume at restaurants. There must be thousands of restaurants here (I'm and not exaggerating)

Anyway, I promised the kids I'd post (and sorry Tehani but I haven't taken any pictures yet) so here you go. I'll be sure to post another travel update as soon as I can.

Note to kids: I am still waiting for the two of you to post. What else will I read while I am gone?!?

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