Monday, May 24, 2010

Deep Thoughts

Just in case anyone is keep track, I am back from Austin. It was a good trip and I really had intended to post more (It's not like I was on vacation or anything like that, but I guess I just expected to have more free time :) Anyway, here are some random thoughts for your Monday:
  • It's the end of May and it was full-on SNOWING this morning!! And I'm not talking about some little wimpy flakes that melt when the hit the ground. This stuff was sticking. I would've taken pics on the way to school but we were in a hurry for...
  • Pet Day. I'm pretty sure this event is so much more fun for the kids now that they have a pet to bring along. I was much smarter this year and did not get dressed for work before taking our little scaredy cat to school (I'd be scared too with a room full of 3rd graders all coming over to pet me with their dirty little hands :) How a cat can shed so much after being brushed, I don't know.
  • I've started packing the kids for their cross-country roadtrip. Leave it Grandma (the lady who flies for free) to decide that she would like to drive across the country. The grandma caravan will be stopping in Yellowstone, visiting Mt Rushmore, and any other scenic/touristy places that they can find between Utah and Chicago. If you have any ideas/suggestions of other sites to see *along the way, let me know.

*"Along the way" is a relative term. I found out the other day that my mother is also taking the kids to Hawaii...on their way back to Utah. Apparently, once you are in the car--or on the plane--along the way refers to anyplace in the world:)

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Catharine said...

Hey- we're driving to and from Chicago this summer! We are hitting Nauvoo and Winter Quarters on the way back. I'm sure your kids would love Nauvoo. Sounds like they are going to have a blast wherever they end up with grandma!