Thursday, November 17, 2011

Birthday Nunsense

I didn't want today to go by without wishing my favorite "Mother Superior" a Happy Birthday! No, my mom isn't really Sally Field. But I'm pretty sure you can see from the pics that back in the day, Crazy J bore a striking resemblance to a certain Flying Nun.

So although it would have been nice to have a mother that could fly through the air on her magic nun habit, I had to settle for a mother that got unlimited flying benefit on United...

  • and made me eat my vegetables (peas and all)

  • and forced me to practice the viola (even when I complained)

  • and made me do my homework (even when I didn't want to)

  • and had me write thank you notes (Miss Manners must have taken lessons from my Mom)

  • and taught me how to cook (though at the time I'm sure she thought I wasn't listening)

  • and made me the person I am today (idiosyncrasies and all!)

  • So Happy Birthday Sister Bertrille, err...I mean Mom! Hope you have all the birthday nunsense you can enjoy!!

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