Monday, February 22, 2010

Oh, the places you'll go

So I've been wanting to get a big map of the world to put up in Kobe's room. I figure then he can mark all of the places that he would like to go (you know, so Grandma knows where to take him if she ever makes it back from Tahiti :) I can only hope that the kids get to go to half of the places that I was lucky enough to travel to... Egypt, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Austria, Turkey, Hungry, Poland, France, Germany, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Mexico, Canada, England, The Netherlands, Iceland, Tahiti, Samoa...

OK, I'm not really sure this list covers all of the many lands I've been to but I don't feel like diggin' out my old passports to figure out which countries I left off the list. (And I wouldn't normally boast by listing off all of my travels but I know it aggravates my sis since I've been more places that she has :)

Anyway, my decorating plan for Kobe's room had been thwarted because I couldn't find a big map (meaning one that covers the whole wall) that didn't cost an arm and a leg. I thought my problem had been solved when a co-worker (Thanks Marcus!) gave me a map the other day. That was until I got home and put the map up...
The travel gods have spoken--and apparently Kobe will only be travelling domestic :)

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