Friday, February 5, 2010

Flashback Friday

Cynthia, Raymond and I had the idea one year to fly home and surprise my mom for her birthday. (We've done the whole "surprise" thing a few times since then--though I don't know how many times you can do a "surprise" before its not a "surprise" anymore) Anyway, here's the pic--circa 1990's--from the CRAZY J's ORIGINAL BIRTHDAY SURPRISE!!Cynthia, Raymond and I were living together at the time (in a scary house down by the railroad tracks.) I don't remember a lot of the details from our trip except for the fact that my mom was mad that we didn't call her to tell her we were coming. She apparently doesn't understand that is how a "surprise" works (she said she didn't get to change the sheets since she didn't know we were coming :)

It was still fun (dirty sheets and all) and another reason why I still love United!

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