Friday, February 19, 2010

It doesn't smell dirty

So today is a WOW day at the kid's school. This means they get to wear whatever they want instead of their uniforms--which apparently is a pretty big deal when you are between the ages of 8 and 10 years old...

Anyway, last night when I got home from class I made sure to help the kids get their "regular" clothes out so we don't accidentally wear uniforms on the one day we don't have to (we've done this before--it's not good.) Tehani, of course, wants to wear the cool shirt that Auntie Kelly and Uncle Raymond got her for Christmas (It's her fav!) I told the Hanimonster that I was pretty sure the shirt was dirty but next thing I knew she had it out of the hamper and laying on her bed. When I tried to remind her that this was dirty, she told me it was ok because the shirt "didn't smell dirty."

Grandma would be so proud :) I'm thinking I could start cutting down on all of our laundry--at least for a bit--if I implemented Tehani's scent test.

PS--Don't tell my mom but I'm letting her wear the shirt...

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