Friday, January 22, 2010

Coming soon to a PBS station near you...

Just thought I would share a video from a new PBS special that our station just produced. And although I wasn't that involved in the actual production of the show (unless it counts that I went down to St. George and sat in the audience with the busload of donors :) I'm very impressed how well the program turned out.

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Can you imagine being the mother that got those kids to practice? And you thought you had it hard getting your kid (or kids) to practice for their piano lessons? Anyway, we had the Browns in studio the other night so we could tape some pledge breaks to send the PBS. The night turned out fabulous (meaning we got lots of calls which is a good thing because calls=pledges=money=I get to keep my job :) I made the mistake of having the kids watch the program and they would both now like to take piano lessons. Because we've got oodles of time for that--not!

(But just in case does anyone have the name a good piano teacher?)

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